Me Made May 2018 - review

I can honestly say I was very glad when May was over! It felt quite stressful and I think that was because I noticed some glaring gaps in my me-made wardrobe as well as having to coordinate outfits to the ever changing weather. I also didn't like having my face on the internet every day! Below is a (hopefully quick) review of the month, week by week, in an attempt to evaluate what I like to wear, what fits and if anything needs altering or mending.

My pledge was to wear me-made every week day (hence the weekend gaps) with the aim of wearing skirts and dresses most of the time, simply because I have lots and love making them!

I should also clarify that I wouldn't usually wear a different outfit every day. It's not good for your clothes or the environment to be doing that much washing. If it's clean I will wear it again before washing. It seems Me Made May brought up a few conversations around this issue and I was involved in one on Instagram.

So here goes...

Week 1

Day 1: This is my Tilly and the Buttons Freya hack from her latest book Stretch!. I love it and plan to make more of these. A great start to the month!

Day 2: It was cool at the beginning of the month and I remember just wanting to be warm so this was the Sew Me Something Julia Pocket Top. It's really comfy and an easy make - hence why I have three of them!

Day 3: Another Tilly but this time the Coco which is a comfy staple. Again, I should make more of these. (Can you see a trend here???!!!)

Day 4: This is the Tilly Arielle skirt and would be a great all-rounder if it was made in a simple denim rather than sparkly green!

Week 2

Day 7: I can't tell you how much I love the fabric of this jumpsuit! It's so floaty and light and this day was a gloriously sunny Bank Holiday Monday! Its a Simplicity 1114 jumpsuit.

Day 8: This is the Mimi G Style Jessica dress which I got for free in April and was made at the beginning of May. I love it and want many more! Also, POCKETS!

Day 9: This was the first outfit of the month that I wasn't sure of. The pattern has a lot of ease in it anyway because thats the style of the dress but I think it's just too big and looks like a sack. I think I'm going to have a look at this to see if I can take it in somewhere.

Day 10: This is the second GBSB Drapey Dress I made. I didn't get around to wearing the first one this month but I love them both. I could do with one in every colour.

Day 11: A lovely simple cosy top which I need more of. And I love tartan!

Week 3

Day 14: This dress, a New Look 6936, was a new make for the month and one of my make nine plans for the year. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this one, I have since tacked that front cross over together and it's a lot safer.

Day 15: I made this dress a couple of years ago and I can't believe I haven't worn it more, plus... POCKETS... again!

Day 16: This top has to go! It's made out of entirely the wrong fabric and is way too big! End of discussion!

Day 17: This is my magic eye dress! Comfy but a little bit special!

Day 18: I was at work today so wore the Tilly Megan dress from her first book Love at First Stitch. I love this dress but the Ikea curtain fabric might be a tad too thick!!!

Week 4

Day 21: I am in love with these Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs. So comfy but probably a bit warm for this particular day. Maybe another pair in some lightweight linen???

Day 22: Perfect day for the Tilly Bettine dress. This is my second version which I made slightly longer and with an A line skirt which makes it a bit more comfortable than my first attempt. A great pattern and a quick make, I definitely need more of these.

Day 23: A chilled day at home in a stash buster version of the Colette Mabel skirt.

Day 24: I love this simplicity shirt dress, theres just something thrilling about making a shirt! It fits great and has pockets!

Day 25: Another Tilly!!! This time the Cleo dungaree dress - the wet version since it wouldn't stop raining! A great pattern and I have two of them but they are a little too big for me now.

Week 5

Day 28: Now then. I was putting off wearing this Blaire top by Style Arc simply because I had such a nightmare time making it and don't think it's finished very well. But it's so comfy and looks great so I think I might have to have another go.

Day 29: This is my dress hack of the Sew Me Something Julia Pocket Top that I wore on day 2. I just eliminated the pockets and lengthened it, adding a high-low hem at the bottom. Very comfy and an interesting fabric.

Day 30: This was my first attempt at a Burda Style 6732 and it may not be quite the best fabric for the pattern but I still like it (and my boy has a matching shirt!). The waist tie channel needs fixing but otherwise it's a good make.

Day 31: When I needed a plain, bright top for my choir performances two Christmasses ago I went to the Coco again. This is so comfy and I love the neckline.

Overall I enjoyed wearing things I don't normally. The thing is, I'm mostly a stay-at-home mum and don't need to dress up. That doesn't mean to say I don't like to look nice but I usually end up resorting to jeans and tops which is where I found it difficult. I had 20 dresses/tunics to choose from but only 10 tops and 5 skirts. The two trousers on my available list were actually dungarees and a jumpsuit! So maybe I should challenge myself to make some jeans. I now have at least four tops cut out and ready to sew up so that should help fill some gaps. But I'm going to need some skirts to go with these! And I've lost some weight recently so some items are a little big, so I need to decide if I want to fix them or make new versions.
I'm going to try to continue to wear my dresses, especially as the weather should allow it. I'm not sure if I'll take part in #MeMadeMay again but never say never! Thanks to So, Zo... What do you know? for the challenge.

Back to the sewing machine!