Me Made May 2020

We've come to the end of another Me Made May and I was in two minds about writing a blog post about it this year but I decided that it would be a good log of my thoughts over the month and then, maybe next year, I will look back and see if I've made any improvements... (I'm guessing not but who knows!).

If you don't know what Me Made May is, first off, where have you been?! Second, you should definitely get on board next year! So it's an Instagram challenge set up by Zoe of @sozoblog 11 years ago. There are no prizes, it's just a personal challenge where you pledge to join in in some way - it could be to document your makes, to identify holes in your wardrobes or to make the most out of what me mades you have. Whatever the challenge it is entirely up to you and there is no pressure involved.

I participated last in 2018 and you can read about my experience here. I can't remember why I didn't do it last year, possibly because I found it a bit stressful, but since we were on lockdown this year I thought it might give me something interesting to focus on and a reason to get dressed in the morning! I made no particular pledge, just to wear at least one item of me made every day of the week.

Reading left to right I have briefly listed my me mades below.

  1. Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress
  2. Great British Sewing Bee Drapey Dress (free pattern)
  3. Tilly and the Buttons Cleo
  4. Rainbow Mandy Boat Tee (free pattern)
  5. Laura Aston Designs cable knit jumper and Butterick B6178 culottes
  6. Helens Closet Elliot sweater and B6178 culottes
  7. New Look 6936
  8. Pattern Emporium Hi Lo top

  1. Adele Dress, free with Simply Sewing magazine
  2. Helens Closet Elliot sweater and Colette Mabel skirt
  3. Digital Pattern Library Belted Sweater
  4. Simplicity 1062
  5. Helens Closet Elliot Sweater
  6. 'Frandy' (Mandy with TATB Freya cowl neck) and Mabel skirt by Colette
  7. Tilly and the Buttons Zadie dress
  8. Southbank Sweater by Nina Lee

  1. Mandy Boat Tee by Tessuti and Pattern Emporium Friday Feels Skirt
  2. Kielo by Named Clothing
  3. Simplicity 8014
  4. True Bias Ogden cami dress hack
  5. Tilly and the Buttons Bettine
  6. New Look 6525
  7. Mandy Boat Tee and Closet Case Patterns Morgan Jeans
  8. Tilly and the Buttons Joni dress from Stretch

  1. Sew House Seven Mississippi Avenue Dress
  2. MimiG Style Jessica
  3. Kielo by Named Clothing
  4. Honeycomb Shirt (and dress) by Cocowawa Crafts
  5. Simplicity 1080 Dottie Angel
  6. Style Arc Daphne top
  7. Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress

So what do I notice from my photos? Mainly that I have a very colourful wardrobe! And that black is only worn if it's paired with something bright or patterned. I can also see that I usually like clothes that aren't too fitted. Those that are have to hit me above the waist to be the most flattering. I also did a little tally comparing woven to jersey garments and it is clear (13/18) that comfort is key and jersey won on that front!

Early on in the month I started to feel like there was a disconnect between what I was actually wearing or wanting to wear and what I wanted to sew and wear. I am always very drawn to making dresses but I don't actually wear them very much in normal day-to-day. My pre-lockdown activities mean I'm usually found in jeans and a t-shirt of some kind (often a Mandy) but because we had some lovely weather I found I was missing summer separates and so chose to wear my lovely dresses, in fact without realising it I wore dresses on 17 days out of 30 (not counting the nightie on day 25!).

I realised that I need to make more trousers as I have 1 pair of me made jeans and 1 dungarees, so I bought the Pattern Emporium Pleats To Meet You Pants and shorts and will start from there. I also like the Tulia Tee by Sewing Patterns by Masin which is a batwing style top but with interesting lines so I've bought that when previously I've thought t-shirts were too basic to bother making.

Going on from here there are a few things I want to do or consider in my sewing practice.

  • start by clearing out my wardrobe of things I don't wear or like... be STRICT!
  • take stock of my wardrobe, made a list of each type of item, to identify gaps
  • be more considerate of what will suit my shape, lets face it, it's not gonna change anytime soon!
  • think carefully about what dresses I want to make and why
  • consider making more separates but search out interesting designs which suit my style
  • think about how to mix colours and patterns into a simpler wardrobe and in a more considered way

I realise I have far too many clothes in my wardrobe and I can't possibly wear all of them! And what I have discovered is that I must spend my time and money on clothes I want to wear. I have no problem wearing a brightly coloured dress on the school run but I want that dress to suit me and fit me well because only then will I feel confident in it. I also want to wear interesting clothes in patterns and colours I love (always leopard print!) but that needs to be more considered so it fits in my wardrobe.

I'm sure there are more thoughts tumbling around in my head but I don't think I can articulate them without undertaking some of the points above. Let's start there and see how we go!

Thanks to Zoe @sozoblog for continuing to bring the sewing world together! x