Ness Skirt by TATB

I bought this pattern in the Black Friday sales before Christmas, it's the Ness skirt by Tilly and the Buttons. It's a style that I think suits me and a simple denim skirt was just what my wardrobe was missing.

I got the dark navy denim from Barry's back when the fabric shops were actually open to customers, and the zip was from Minerva Crafts. I've made jeans before so the zip fly wasn't difficult but I found it very useful to watch the fly installation video on Tilly's website which is part of a full sewalong.

The front skirt was completed quite quickly so I moved on to the back skirt and that is where my problems started!

I followed the instructions despite them being different to how I've previously constructed jeans. The back comprises of two skirt pieces and two yokes. This pattern asks you to attach the yokes together and the skirts together and then attach the full yoke to the skirt. When I've made jeans before I've sewn each yoke to it's relevant back leg and then sewn up the centre seam. After I'd constructed the back skirt piece, complete with pockets and all the top stitching, I sewed the front and back pieces together and tried it on for the first time. The skirt fit fine around the hips but something was wrong down the right hand side seam which had me fretting for a minute... turned out I'd left a pin in! Phew, easily solved! But when I turned to the side there was a large bulge above my bum at the centre point where the yoke met the skirt. I tried ironing it, giving it a good steam, along with the rest of the skirt, which helped a little but it was still rather unsightly and made the skirt look too big. I knew I had to deal with this before I attached the waistband otherwise I'd just put up with it and it would bug me whenever I wore it. So... out came the unpicker...

I unpicked about 6 inches down each side seam from the top. Then I removed the yokes after unpicking all the top stitching. I also unpicked a couple of inches down the centre back seam. This all meant I could do it the way I've done it before - sew each yoke to it's correct back skirt piece and then sew up the centre seam. I removed some of the excess fabric at this point by sewing a larger seam allowance to reduce the back curve. The finished skirt isn't perfect but it's so much better than what I started with and I'm much happier wearing it.

The waistband went on ok, although it was perilously close to not being long enough so I'm not sure what happened there, and I added a label from Little Rosy Cheeks, button and rivets to finish it off. You'll see I omitted the belt loops (because I just don't wear belts) and any pocket decoration. Overall I'm really happy with it and it's already got a lot of wear. A denim skirt seems like such a staple but now I want to make one in a jazzy fabric! And that's another item ticked off my Make Nine list!